CAGG 2019 - The International Conference on Advances in Geosciences & Geochemistry (CAGG 2019)


会议名称:CAGG 2019 - The International Conference on Advances in Geosciences & Geochemistry (CAGG 2019)










Conference Date: June 1-3, 2019 Conference Venue: Kunming, China Website: Registration: Publication and Presentation Publication: Open Access Journal,please contact us for detailed information. Index: CNKI and Google Scholar Note: If you want to present your research results but do NOT wish to publish a paper, you may simply submit an Abstract to our Registration System. Call for Papers Geosciences Geostatistics Nanogeosciences Nanogeology Biomineralization Element geochemistry Organic geochemistry Geochemical processes Radioactive geochemistry Exploration geochemistry Isotope geochemistry Experimental geochemistry Inorganic geochemistry Noble gases geochemistry Reservoir geochemistry Surface geochemistry Environmental geochemistry Geochemistry applied to exploration Geochemical analytical techniques Depositional environment Geochemistry of the reservoir Regional geochemical surveys Heavy metals in the environment Geochemistry of radioactive environmental contamination Geochemistry of industrial mineral hazards Lithosphere-hydrosphere interactions Geochemistry in soils research Geochemical mapping Hydrogeochemistry Groundwater quality assessment Hydrothermal fluid flow systems Stable isotopic geothermometry Hydrogeochemical processes Biogeochemistry Carbon cycle Stable isotopes Biogeochemical cycles Biogeosciences Cosmochemistry