Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry(ISMAS)--印度质谱学会

来源: 印度质谱学会



  The Indian Society for Mass Spectrometry (ISMAS) was founded on March 21, 1978 at a meeting of the mass spectrometrists from all over India at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Bombay during the First National Seminar on Mass Spectrometry.

  The Society was formed with the objectives of promoting and popularising mass spectrometry and its applications in Research, Industry and other areas of Science. After 27 years, ISMAS now has about 700 Life-Members and 5 Corporate Members. The ISMAS members are from Research Institutes, Universities, Industries and Hospitals from all over India. The Life-Members include Mass Spectrometrists from overseas and these are Non-Resident Indians and Mass Spectrometrists from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Singapore, UK, USA etc.

  The activities of ISMAS are looked after by the President, the Secretary and the Executive Committee elected triennially by the ISMAS members.