Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker(GÖCH)--奥地利化学学会



  This is GÖ CH

  Austria’ s largest chemical society

  Founded in 1897. There are 1900 members, including many students and sponsoring companies. ASAC , the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry represents the analytical part

  24 working parties (7 from ASAC) cover the specific fields and develop their interests

  local subgroups for personal contacts

  GÖ CH participates and contributes in international societies


  connects chemists in common projects

  updates its homepage regularly to keep their members informed

  edits the" Monatshefte fü r Chemie" in co-operation with the Austrian Academy of Science. Members receive a 15% discount

  edits and contributes as a partner to" Chemistry – A European Journal"

  organises national and international symposia, congresses and public discussions covering the whole field of chemistry and aspects of chemistry in neighbouring disciplines of science and to the public

  regularly informs in an official magazine for members and interested people

  Discounts for members during events, publications and partner-memberships to connected or associated societies

  supports job-seeking and partnership requests. Consults on questions typical for employees and entrepreneurs in the field of chemistry

  supports students by:

  a. regular lectures by renowned international experts at Austrian Universities they offer chemistry

  b. spending annual prizes for the best Ph.D thesis and excellent Master theses together with the Federation of Chemical Industry (FCIO) as the sponsoring association

  c. making contributions to trips to scientific events

  is influential in improving chemistry education

  participates in approving or disapproving new laws and regulations concerning chemistry issues

  organises events and discussions and contributes by public statements to solve current problems

  members will

  have the opportunity to benefit from our expertise by involving themselves

  use our connections to reach the right source of information for their needs

  get actual information in the field of chemistry

  For further information, click through our homepage in German or contact us by mail or phone. We will be pleased to hear from you and maybe we can do something favourable for you.